All I want from Deliveroo is you!

If you hadn’t heard already, Byron Burger is on Deliveroo, meaning you can get deliciousness delivered directly to your door! Whilst you’re pondering over what to get, here’s our order (just in case you’re interested).

First on our list is the new C-Rex. Picture a B-Rex and swap the beef patty for buttermilk-fried or grilled chicken breast… we choose buttermilk! It’s packed with a flavoursome kick and with multiple pieces of chunky chicken, it’s super filling.


If chicken’s not your thing, we’d recommend either the Cali Cheese featuring their delicious, vegan Beyond Meat patty, or the Chilli burger which is equally fiery and tasty!

All the burgers come with fries, but you can decide which. For us, we’ll be ordering sweet potato fries – we just love the combination of sweet and salty. But that’s not all, we think Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself, and seen as we are celebrating early, we’ll have a side of Mac & Cheese too… because you can never have too much cheese at Christmas time!


Last but not least, what is a burger and fries without a thick, sweet shake to go with it! We choose Oreo because who doesn’t love chocolate to finish their meal? If you’re crazy and chocolate isn’t your thing, there’s also Strawberry, Vanilla and Salted Caramel – all of which are delicious!


And that’s it for us! Don’t forget there’s plenty of other options available to order, including some yummy desserts, sodas and alcoholic beverages.