arc Look Book – Grace Austin

Written by:  Grace Austin

Fashion Media and Promotion Year 2

For this project we are creating a look book for the arc shopping centre; we worked on site for two days to shoot the look book and because this was a brief for the arc, we had a professional studio set up in an empty unit to make the outcomes professional. 

Throughout the two days we were working in small groups with a plan around a fashion trend that we chose and also the main theme being based on the season of autumn/winter fashion trends. This is very fitting for the current season and a great marketing aspect for the Arc as well. 

Throughout the shoot days we were allowed to borrow clothes to photograph for the look book from selected shops around the arc. This also brought in a key skill of styling as well, with an arrangement of clothes that we had on offer to choose from, all to promote the fashion available at the arc and the looks the customers can create from different shops. 

We sourced our own models and did the organisation of hair and makeup on the models ourselves. This is due to us knowing how we wanted the outcome of our images to look like and how it would fit the theme given to us. Throughout the two days we captured a range of photography which will fit into creating an autumn/winter look book.

Throughout the two days of shooting everyone in the group took on a particular role. I felt like my role was mainly photography. This consisted of directing the model how to pose to get the perfect image and getting cameras in the right settings to capture the images. Though also decision making was an aspect of it due to choosing what backdrop to choose that went well with the clothes to show them off to the audience. Hair and makeup styling is also an aspect of the two days I took a lead in. This created a final look to the overall image as it puts the outfit together and makes it look more professional. For this the group and myself decided to create a simple but effortless look to not distract the audience from the clothes.

During the two days of shooting I enjoyed many things, though the most memorable and favourite aspect of it was planning the shoot and bringing it to life. I loved the fast-paced environment of needing to get certain aspects done to get to the final goal. Though one of my favourite aspects of the shoot was being a photographer for the looks and directing how the models posed. I felt like this showed my ideas throughout the shoot and unleashed my creativity. 

Through this two-day photoshoot, it showed to me what it would be like working in the fashion industry. This is due to it being a client led brief that I have not experienced before and this is amazing for us as students. It also showed me that I could complete amazing outcomes which look professional and that hit the conventions of what the client wants. The overall two days really made me realise more of what aspect of the fashion industry I want to have a career in and this is becoming either a creative director or a social media marketing manager for fashion brands. I feel like the two days really showed myself that I could achieve these job roles as I met the description of them. 

Out of all the looks I shot; my favourite item of clothing is the green long coat from River Island. This is due to it being able to match multiple different items of clothing and being able to create multiple outfits using this. The coat is perfect as well for Autumn/Winter due to the thickness keeping you warm throughout the colder season as well.