arc Look Book – Lewis Page

Written by:  Lewis Page – West Suffolk College

We completed a 2-day photo shoot situated within the arc shopping centre, inside an empty unit and we had equipment put together in professional studio setups. For the project we were working in groups to produce outfits from the stores that fit within the Autumn / Winter trends for this year. The models that were used for the photoshoots had all been outsourced by us and in my case, I brought in my friend who previously had been involved with modelling for Hatton Jewellers and Ipswich Town Football Club. The most important part of the two days that we were shooting was to come up with some inventive ideas which can portray the clothing in the most effective ways possible.

Within the group that I was working with, there were not very specific roles that people had, more so taking the form of a collaborative project where everyone gets a say in every part of what we are doing. Everyone had made their own practical pieces which were to be used for the photo shoot and we came together and compiled them to see which would be the most fitted to the style of work we are trying to produce. I created the two graffiti backgrounds which we had used for the photo shoot. During the photo shoot, everyone took it in turns to take images, of both our model and I also modelled for everyone to ensure we had a variety of images.

I think the entire experience was very enjoyable and that there was a lot to take from it, having previously worked within the industry there were some similarities and differences, but this would come with any job that you have, purely because they are not all the same. Styling was one of my favourite parts of the entire experience, as this was something completely new to me, something which I have barely even touched on before so to be able to do this on this scale of the photo shoot was absolutely my favourite thing throughout. This entire experience wouldn’t have been possible without all of the staff from the stores or the brands themselves, and speaking of these brands there was definitely a stand-out garment from all of the clothing which I had tried on during this experience, and that was the black waterproof jacket from Superdry, which I would definitely recommend to future consumers.