arc Look Book – Maela Tustain

Written by: Maela Tustain

Fashion Media and Promotion Year 2

We had the opportunity to complete a photoshoot over the course of two days on site at the arc shopping centre, with professional studios set up inside an empty unit to conduct our shoots. 

By working together in groups of 3 or 4, we selected a theme to base our work upon which related to Autumn / Winter fashion trends. 

For the shoot, we were able to borrow fashion pieces including clothing, shoes and accessories from different stores around the arc. Individually, we gathered our own models and styled hair and make-up ourselves and produced imagery relating to our chosen style and aesthetic. The images we produced on this photoshoot can now be used to create independent Autumn / Winter Look Books for the arc shopping centre.

Within my group we all adopted different roles for the different looks we photographed, I mainly focused on styling the outfits on the models although we all took turns photographing as well as actually modelling ourselves. 

This was really fun and interesting as we all got a chance to direct different aspects of a photoshoot. 

Overall, I really loved directing and photographing the models because I felt like I was able to showcase my individual style in the images and also have fun with photography as a whole and produce a wide range of images showcasing certain fashion styles. 

I have really gotten a strong sense of what it’s like to work in this industry as I have been working around a client’s brief as well as producing professional imagery that reflects not only my own style but also the client’s expectations. 

I have also enjoyed the challenge of meeting deadlines and working to a high, professional standard. 

Styling the outfits, I got a real sense of what clothing pieces are currently trending and what pieces can make a real staple in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, I would definitely recommend Superdry for outdoor wear as they have a great range of stylish Puffer Jackets and Gilets that are perfect for wrapping up warm in this colder weather and keeping as a key piece in your wardrobe for years to come!