Back to school stationery

The time has arrived for you to dust off those school shoes and send your kids back to the classroom. If you’ve been on holiday, or maybe just avoided the queues, you may now find yourself thinking about doing some last minute shopping. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need here at arc! There’s school uniform at Next, coats at Superdry, lunch boxes at Smiggle and school shoes at Clarks.

The one thing we all seem to forget, however, is stationery! How many of those chewed pens still work? And how many of those highlighters have been left without lids and now no longer work? Probably quite a few.

So add a visit to Paperchase to your to do list! They’ve got everything your child will ever need, and even better than that, they’ve created an essentials list to help you ensure you don’t forget anything. Here it is:

  • Pencil case – there’s so many styles and sizes to choose from we bet you’ll want one for yourself too!

  • Pens – whether it’s black, blue, ballpoint or biro, you can find it at Paperchase! There’s also plenty of snazzy ones for a special treat.
  • Pencils – they’re going to need a mixture of traditional as well as some colouring pencils for when those creative juices get flowing.
  • Highlighters – prepare to be amazed by the vast selection of highlighters at Paperchase! Who knew they came in so many colours, styles and sizes? There’s mini-highlighters, pastel highlighters, recycled highlighters, the list goes on…

  • Ruler – an essential for underlining headings, dates and key points!
  • Eraser – mistakes happen, it’s part of life, so make sure they’re ready to wipe away those errors and start again with a reliable (and funky!) eraser.
  • Glue stick – okay so this one isn’t a necessity, but it is handy to have. No more waiting for one glue stick to make its way around the classroom.

…and that’s it, they’re officially classroom ready! From all of us here at arc, we just want to say good luck to all those little ones heading back to school, to the bigger ones starting a new school, college or university and also to the parents who are feeling emotional over their babies growing up ♥️