How to give your dad the best Father’s Day BBQ with Hotel Chocolat

Unfortunately this year we won’t be able to treat our dads to a meal at their favourite restaurant on Father’s Day. So, if takeaway isn’t an option for you, you may be thinking about what you can do at home to celebrate instead? The answer: an extra special BBQ (make sure, if you’re not a responsible adult yourself, that you have one with you to help!).


Drawing on the advice from Hotel Chocolat on how to host the best BBQ, we’ve put together this guide on hosting the best Father’s Day BBQ (and yes, it does include chocolate).


So, the best Father’s Day BBQ is a simple one:


 Don’t overcomplicate things with fancy salads and intricate dressings, stick to what you know (unless you’re a foodie fanatic)!


 Prep your sides the day before – we’re thinking wedges, coleslaw, and some delicious dips. This gives you more time on the day to focus on decorations and opening presents.

Burgers and sausages are a must (make sure you have enough for the whole household, including those vegan and vegetarian options). Keeping it simple, means that you’re not rushing about trying to organise everything, you can sit back and enjoy time with your dad.

Think drinks (again, only if you’re a responsible adult). If you’re sticking to just your household, you could make punch bowls or a large jug of gin & tonic. Hotel Chocolat has a wide range of drinks that you could choose from including Cocoa Gin, Cocoa Beer or even Vintage Red Wine (perfect for a BBQ heavy on the red meat). Order in advance!

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And finally, make sure there’s room for dessert! If it’s just your household, continue the sharing style of a BBQ and finish it with a delicious chocolate fondue. We recommend the Chocolate Dipping Adventure from Hotel Chocolat. It includes 4 different types of heavenly chocolate and a great selection of dippers! Alternatively, a yummy chocolate box is also the perfect way to finish a fantastic BBQ. Head over to the Hotel Chocolat website to choose one perfect for your dad – their Father’s Day gifts page are full of mouth-watering selections!

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Oh and one last thing, enjoy! If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that family is the most important thing. Have fun, stay safe and wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day from us!