Feel good at wagamama

Did you hear the good news? wagamama has reopened for dine in at arc and we are so happy!



Something about wagamama just makes us feel good – which is something we all need a bit more of after months of having to stay at home away from our loved ones. The food is delicious, the staff are always friendly and the open plan layout is inviting and up-lifting. We can’t wait to visit them again!

This positive vibe isn’t a coincidence. wagamama follow the ‘kaizen’ philosophy which means ‘good change’. They say it shapes everything they do and is the driving force behind their constant improvements. 

What’s more, their food is food for the soul. There’s ginger to warm you up, chillies to give you a little kick and noodles which nourish the body. In the name of kaizen, their standards are high. That’s why all their ingredients are cooked fresh and served fresh, making them taste fantastic. From a deliciously filling katsu to a fragrant and warming ramen, every meal at wagamama is packed with flavour, and there’s a dish to perfectly match your every mood.



As they’ve been preparing for reopening, kaizen has once again been at the forefront of the team’s minds. The newest change to arrive at the restaurant is the shoji screens, which have been used for hundreds of years to divide buildings and offices in Japan. Drawing on this tradition, the team have created wagamama-style shoji screens. They help their visitors to remain safe whilst still allowing them to operate their long communal-style benches and are in keeping with the friendly vibe by being somewhat transparent.



wagamama have also announced that they will be participating in August’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme, meaning their food will be 50% cheaper with the Government covering the other half (up to £10 per head and not including alcohol).

So who’s ready to feel good at wagamama? And what will you be ordering?