How to host your very own festival at home

Festival lovers have been left feeling a little deflated recently with the news that Glastonbury is cancelled this year. The iconic festival is a usual symbol of Summer for all music fans, with the iconic Pyramid Stage at the forefront of all their minds.

However, thanks to Blacks Outdoors, a summer without Glasto doesn’t mean a summer without fun! They’ve published some fantastic advice on how to capture a little of that Glasto spirit at home.

Now as Blacks Outdoors say “unless you a) live on a farm, b) have access to cutting edge sound and lighting equipment, and c) are good mates with Kendrick Lamar or Biffy Clyro, it’s unlikely you’ll recreate an epic Saturday night headliner slot in your gazebo.” However you can invite some great friends (socially-distanced of course), get some good food and play some epic tunes, giving you all the Glasto vibes you need!

So, here are some key steps to creating ‘Glasto at Home’:

Think about the setting: outdoor fairy lights and hand painted signs are a must!


Get yourself a tent: would it be a Glastonbury experience without one?


Seating: the benefit of fake Glastonbury is you don’t have to stand for hours!


Flooring: upgrade your picnic blanket for an outdoor carpet to give it a pimped up The Park or Sacred Space feel!


Food: we think BBQ, pizza and/or picnic food are great options!


Drink: recreate your usual Glasto drink of choice, whether that’s flat lager, delicious milkshakes or the popular cider!


And finally, music: Glastonbury have released a gigantic Spotify playlist full of artists that would have played this year. So put it on, turn up the volume and have a great time!

For more top tips or to read the full article by Blacks Outdoors, click the link below: