How to shop safely at arc

Following the government’s announcement that all non-essential stores are allowed to reopen from 15th June with the right conditions in place, we have been working hard to ensure that the centre is ready to welcome visitors back.

The centre team has been taking steps to ensure arc is a safe environment in which to work and shop, and asks all visitors to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines as closely as possible at all times. We have installed directional and helpful signage across the estate to make it easy to understand the rules in place throughout the centre, as well as putting together some FAQs to read before you arrive.

In addition, here’s some top tips on how to shop safely with us:

Wash your hands immediately before you leave home, as well as immediately when you arrive back home.


Use the hand sanitiser stations as you arrive, and again before you leave.


If you have a face mask, wear it. This is not a requirement of entering the shopping centre, however some stores may have this restriction in place. If they do, please respect this.

Look out for one way signs around the centre and individual stores. 


Try to stay 2m apart from other people at all times. We know it can be hard to know what 2m looks like, so try to imagine 2 shopping trolleys or 3 large steps. If you were holding a broom, you shouldn’t be able to touch anyone (although we don’t recommend bringing a broom to the centre… or trolleys!)

Follow the queuing systems in place. These will be clearly marked.


If you can, shop alone.


If you have questions or concerns, please ask. Just remember to keep you distance and remember we always answer on social media!