Marine Conservation Society x FatFace

Did you know our seas cover over 70% of our planet and provide more than half the oxygen that we breathe, not to mention absorbing nearly a third of our carbon emissions?

However, as a result of how we are living, we are polluting the ocean and destroying the sea life that inhabits it. Between 9 and 14 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean every year!

The Marine Conservation Society fights for a cleaner, better protected and healthier ocean. Their goal is to recover it back to health. Their efforts include campaigns, beach cleans, sealife reporting hotlines and more.

One of their partnerships is with our very own FatFace. FatFace made a donation to the society and, in a bid to raise awareness to protect UK seas and coasts, they have now brought out their own marine conservation inspired exclusive collection, called ‘Turn The Tide’. 

You can expect everything from idyllic waves to playful turtles. Take a look here…


For more information on the exclusive collection, click HERE.

For more information on Marine Conservation Society and or to donate, click HERE.