Superdry Switch to Organic Cotton

Superdry are making the switch to organic cotton, all of their pure cotton clothing will be organic by 2025.

What is Organic Cotton? 

Kinder to both planet and people, organic cotton saves up to 87% water and has a 14% lower carbon footprint when compared with conventional cotton. It also saves the earth – literally. Whilst conventional cotton uses 16% of the world’s pesticides across just 2.5% of the land, destroying the soil in which the cotton plants grow, organic cotton uses zero pesticides. Without these harmful chemicals, soil quality can be preserved for generations to come.

Superdry are working with more than 12,000 cotton farmers this year, helping them convert to organic practices. They have also donated over 100 million organic cotton seeds to help get them started. And by 2025, they aim to have helped 20,000 farmers convert to organic practices – enough to fulfil Superdry’s entire organic cotton requirements as a brand. 

As of yet, Superdry are the only global fashion brand that has made such a commitment and are encouraging other brands to join the charge.

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