Sustainability at H&M

Did you know, the UK is the fourth largest producer of textile waste in Europe? According to a new study, “each Briton throws away about 3.1kg of textiles every year, and that 1.7kg of fashion waste is landfilled yearly per person.”*

H&M believes that this volume of textile waste is completely senseless and that upcycling and recycling are the two main ways that we can strive towards a more sustainable future in fashion. Their mission “is to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.” Pretty impressive, right?

To take steps towards this goal, a lot of H&M stores have launched upcycling initiatives! You can even drop off your old clothes and discarded textiles at some that have recycling banks. 

Here at arc, we are proud to say that our H&M store is joining the action towards a more sustainable future! In our store, H&M members will be rewarded points for recycling in store. So, next time before you go to throw away your unwanted clothes, head to our H&M store and recycle them!

Simply drop off your old clothes in the garment-collecting boxes found in-store, H&M will then take over. They collect the boxes, and then sort the contents into three categories and they are:

  1. Rewear — clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second-hand clothes.
  2. Reuse — old clothes and textiles will be turned into other products, such as cleaning cloths.
  3. Recycle — everything else is turned into textile fibres and used for things like insulation.

Once you drop off your unwanted items to H&M, you will earn 20 conscious points and a £5 digital voucher.

On top of this, if you take your own bag to H&M, you will earn 3 conscious points.

Your conscious points will transform into vouchers, redeemable with your next purchase. 

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