arc shopping centre support Malawi Toilet Twinning initiative

arc shopping centre have announced that they have ‘twinned’ their toilet block with a toilet block in Malawi.

The shopping centre has donated and sponsored a toilet block in Malawi to enable families to build a toilet, have access to clean water and to learn about handwashing and other hygiene principles.

Toilet Twinning mobilises community organisations and churches in Malawi to empower the poorest and most vulnerable and marginalised families to identify and address the root causes of their poverty.

Funds generated by the Toilet Twinning initiative are used to address the sanitation crisis that impacts a third of the global population. Around 2.3 billion people don’t have somewhere safe and clean to go to the toilet. This results in serious illnesses associated with dirty water and poor sanitation and, in many developing countries, girls often drop out of school at puberty because of inadequate facilities.

Steve Bunce, Centre Manager of arc shopping centre commented: “Toilet Twinning makes a tangible difference to communities suffering from the consequences of poor sanitation. We are proud to be able to sponsor a toilet and provide clean water to families in Malawi.”