Valentine’s Day Ideas for Lockdown 2021

1. Insist that your partner stays in bed and bring breakfast to bed

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2. Leave post it notes of all the things you love about your partner in all the places they will go in the house

30 Valentine's day ideas for lockdown

3. Treasure hunt for reasons why I love you 

30 Valentine's day ideas for lockdown

4. Create a little scrapbook / montage of your favourite videos for a walk down memory lane

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5. Bring travel to your home and create a themed cocktail evening
Where you may have treated your partner to an adventure, weekend away or a holiday (you could always book ahead for one?) why not bring the travel to your home?

Somewhere you and your partner have always wanted to travel to? Bring a themed night to your place for Valentine’s Day evening.

Choose the country / location
Research the popular cocktail there (e.g. pina colada for Puerto Rico, Sangria for Spain)
Dress up the room with themed decor
Get outfits for the both of you
Play music from that country
Think of a game / meal you can tuck into to bring the country to life!

6. Invite your partner to dress up and come to dinner
Order your favourite takeaway and relax together for the evening sipping your favourite wine/cocktail/mocktails!

7. Make a love den with fairy lights and bedding

8. Plan a home spa evening
If you and your partner are more for the chill-out vibes and would normally treat each other to a spa day or spa treatment for Valentine’s Day, a great Valentine’s day idea is to bring the spa to your home.