What not to forget when you’re packing for uni

Wow there is so much to think about when you head off to uni! With everything from spatulas to bike locks on the shopping list, we’re sure your boot’s already overflowing. But just before you close the door and set off on your new journey, here’s a few reminders of things you wouldn’t necessarily think to buy, but you’ll definitely wish you had!

Headphones – we know you’ve probably packed those speakers, but you’ll definitely want a pair of headphones for those late night library sessions (trust us, they’ll happen), or even to block out your new neighbours horrendous taste in music!


BIG glass – it’s always good to have at least one big glass. Heading to the communal kitchen is a definite distraction from essay writing. With a big glass to hand, you can be sociable, fill up and then head down and focus. You’ll thank us later.

Laundry basket – okay so you may be excited at the thought of not having your parents around, but remember that means no mum and dad cleaning service either! It’s going to be up to you to tackle your own laundry and to keep your room tidy. No one wants a room covered with dirty clothes, so buy yourself a laundry basket. It will keep all your smelly socks stored in one corner and make it a lot easier to carry down to the laundry room.

Clock – whether you’re deep in conversation with your new friends or nursing a hangover in your bed, time can easily run away from you at uni. By investing in a large(ish) clock, you’ll increase your chances of suddenly noticing the time, and decrease the chance of you awkwardly walking into your lecture 5 minutes after it started.



Flip flops – two words: communal showers!

                (Fat Face)


Planner/diary – between all the social events and essay deadlines, it can be a little tricky to keep on top of all your dates. With an organised planner or dairy, worry no more!



Umbrella – unfortunately, lectures still continue when it’s pouring with rain.

Box of chocolates/biscuits – be the person that turns up to move-in day with goodies. We guarantee instant friends!

          (Hotel Chocolat)

Have a great time – you’re going to love it! 🙂