World Kindness Day: Make Kindness The Norm

It costs nothing to be kind. At a time when we are all faced with the harsh reality of spending the majority of our time indoors, not to mention those who are suffering at the hands of Coronavirus, it’s now more important than ever to show kindness to others.

As World Kindness Days falls this week (13th November), we’ve been spending lots of time on the Random Acts of Kindness Foundations’ website. It’s a great source for top tips and motivation on showing kindness to ourselves and others. You can also find some super interesting blogs to read and there’s one in particular that really got us thinking: Make kindness the norm.

Why isn’t kindness the norm in our lives? “When a moment of kindness appears, it’s as if a fog has been lifted… just for a moment. It’s lovely. It makes us feel good. We smile. But, then the fog rolls back in and we go back to ‘the norm’ of our daily lives.” It’s true – when someone shows us an act of kindness, it’s a pleasant surprise, which we soon move on from. But why isn’t it normal?

Perhaps we need to stop referring to them as random acts of kindness, and instead think of them as ‘intentional acts of kindness’. “There are things we do every single day with intention, yet we don’t even think about them. We wake up, take a shower, brush our teeth, get dressed, drive to work or school… all part of our invisible routine. What if we added a moment of kindness to our invisible routine? What if we woke up and as we turn the alarm off, we immediately send an uplifting text message to a friend? Or during the morning commute, what if we let that guy merge into traffic with a wave and a smile instead of feeling upset or slighted?”

This year we celebrate World Kindness Day at a time where many of us are struggling and feeling emotionally tested. So let’s use this time to make a conscious effort to make kindness the norm in our lives. Here’s some ideas on intentional acts of kindness you could do:

  • Make an effort to learn something new about a co-worker
  • Buy second-hand (when we can return to shops)
  • Write a positive comment on a website or blog
  • Put your neighbour’s wheelie bin out
  • Ask an elderly person about their past
  • Send an encouraging email
  • Write a handwritten letter
  • Foster a pet in need of a home
  • Thank someone
  • Leave a generous tip

For more ideas, or to read the full ‘Make kindness the norm’ blog, please visit: