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Bury Beautiful World Farming Workshops

A Bury Beautiful World is back with our farming workshops! 🧑‍🌾

📅Join us on Wednesday 24th July from 11am – 3pm for an an exciting and educational workshop!

This is an interactive farming workshop where our team will encourage the children to come and take part as well as each child will be given a hat so they can become farmers too!


🐮They will learn how to ‘moo’ like a cow and the necessary actions to milk like a cow.

🐷Do you know why pigs roll around in the mud, let’s see if we can work it out… together the kids will be encouraged to use their ideas as what the reasons could be and then we will teach them.

🦆Listen can you hear the chatter of ducks… they will be encouraged to join in and see who is the loudest ‘quacker’

🐴Can you use your hand to measure a horse? Sounds strange but it’s true, let’s see how tall you are in horse size!

🐎Let’s do a donkey laugh

🐑Woolly jumpers – Fun facts about sheep

🐔Chickens chat… did you know that!

Plus, Dream Care Farm CIC and Depden Farm will be joining us to share how they use their farms to educate and build self-confidence for those of all ages!

You won’t want to miss this! It will be full of fun and energy ✨

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